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Learn More About Our Halter Foaling Monitor in Grants Pass, OR

Successful Foaling with Halter Foaling Monitor, Grants Pass, OR

Allsman Enterprises, LLC introduced Breeder Alert® in 1979. It took a few years for the Industry to realize the benefits and importance of our System, but before long Breeder Alert®, became the most valuable and respected tool to aid in the foaling process. We are proud to be the original halter foaling monitor in Grants Pass, OR, made in the United States and excited to offer our New Re-designed halter foaling monitor.

Coming soon!!!!  Newly updated system!!! The delays have been stressful but we are excited to share news soon!
Our Transmitters utilize a "G Sensor" to determine the position of mare's head.  Other halter foaling monitor systems still use a basic tilt switch which allows false alarms to occur (we used tilt switches years ago in our older systems).  Our Transmitter attaches easily to halter connector strap below the jaw.  There is no worry of Transmitter getting wet.  
Other halter foaling monitors continue to copy our New system with claims of being "State Of The Art". We take this as a compliment and proof that Breeder Alert is an Industry leader. Be sure to ask for BREEDER ALERT to assure you are dealing with us.
We have built our Business on continuing to provide an excellent product along with honorable business ethics. Breeder Alert’s® market advantage is our history of customer satisfaction and first-rate customer service. We have always prided ourselves in being able to provide a solid product that only gets better year after year. Be sure to check out our NEW System details and NEW Lower Price of $465.00! New Transmitter is smaller than a credit card and only weighs 1.48oz! All Systems now include a built-in Telephone Auto Dialer, Pocket Pager, and many more new features. If you are looking for a dependable, simple device to help monitor your mares, Breeder Alert® fits that bill. Even though most deliveries proceed without complications, you never know when that time will arise and your assistance is needed.
Our slogan “Don’t Leave a Safe Foaling to Chance” says it all.
We also offer a High-Performance Handheld Personal Searchlight (not a flashlight). A must when you want to see what is “out there” at night (up to 2000 feet!). Whether you are at home or on the road – you will not want to be without this powerful light. We are excited that these lights were used during the 2008 Super Bowl Halftime show. Also, check out our AE P.I. tactical flashlight used by police departments, homeowners, campers, boaters, and numerous recreational activities. For more information please contact us or visit our sister company at