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Reliable Foal Alert System in Grants Pass, OR

Foal Alert System | Grants Pass, OR!!WE ARE GOING TO BE ANNOUNCING NEW UPDATED SYSTEM SOON!!!   The Breeder Alert® Transmitter/Pouch, smaller than a credit card, foal alert system from Grants Pass, OR, attaches easily to mare's halter. All Systems include New Updated Telephone Auto Dialer. The main Unit then sends a signal to Pocket Pager (up to 3/4 miles) and/or Telephone. Our New Electronics with improved situational awareness prevents false alarms. You can add Additional Transmitters at any time if you have more than one mare to monitor at a time. Each System can handle up to 20 Transmitters and you can be alerted on just one Pocket Pager. Your Pocket Pager will show a digital display (number 01 - 20) to let you know which mare is sending an alarm. You can have as many Pocket Pagers per system as needed. Check back soon to find out about our new updated foal alert system model!!

Transmitter slides into pouch and attaches to halter’s connecting strap (strap under jaw connecting noseband to throatlatch). Pouch is made of durable material and attaches easily to halter. New Pouch fits NEW smaller Transmitter - only 2 5/8" x 1 5/8" x .5". Please note, all Transmitters ordered are supplied with new pouch. You can order additional pouches if pouch has been misplaced, damaged or you want to have extra on hand.

Price: $12.00


Price: $465.00

New Transmitter Is Now Smaller Than A Credit Card!
New State Of The Art, Technology, With Improved Situational Awareness, Up To 20 Mares With Individual Identification Can Be Monitored. Other Systems Use Mercury Switches Or Tilt Switches (we used these in our older systems years ago).

Price: $95.00
The Pager alerts the carrier when mare lies flat out in foaling position for at least 13 seconds. Pager's New Feature has the added ability to show which mare/Transmitter is sending signal (via LED display). Pager has up to 1 mile clear line of sight transmission range from Repeater/Antenna depending on terrain and obstructions.
Price: $90.00